Create The Court



Ok, so lets just go ahead and face reality; Many of us did NOT want the name Rose Garden to change to anything. Nothing against MODA Health, but when you grow up with a team that plays in an arena with a very unorthodox name that stands out amongst others, you want it to remain like that until the end of time. That’s a fair way to feel, I’m including myself here, too. But the name changed, and with it will the design of the court.

Here is where the smiles come in. MODA Health, along with other sponsors, have taken a fun, interactive approach to designing the new court. Understanding that Portland fans are the best in the NBA, they have decided to create a web tool that literally allows you to design how the new court should look, and they are not just stopping there. They are taking these looks into serious consideration and will choose one design to follow and execute. How amazing would it be to know that the future Portland court could be one that you helped create? Personally, I have already submitted an entry myself, and I strongly suggest you do the same. We can’t save the name, but the court is in our hands.


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