T-Rob Delivers


photo from king5.com


A lot has happened post All-Star weekend with this Trail Blazers team. Some injuries have been sustained, and in the absence of key players, reserves have been given the opportunity to fill the gap. After his performance against Kevin Love and company, the association will be talking about Thomas Robinson for some time.

A player who in all reality never really got a fair shake in the league with his former teams, has become a catalyst since arriving in Portland. Many view him as a role player, but with the right team, he is more of a prospect, a potential breakout player. Portland could be that team for him.

He has a great mentor and leader in LaMarcus Aldridge, one of, if not the best PF’s in the game. He also comes into the Rose City with a chip on his shoulder, after being basically snubbed during his rookie campaign, he is now out to prove any doubters wrong.

His performance against the Timberwolves was fantastic on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. He stood his own against Kevin Love, racked up 14 points and earned himself a career high 18 rebounds, and he delivered what is likely to be the block of the year to Corey Brewer.

This Portland team is looking better and better, and futures are looking bright for young, blossoming players such as T-Rob. Exciting basketball has returned to Portland.


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