Rumor:More Stars Want To Be Blazers


photo by Keith Allison


Rumors are rumors and talk is simply that, just talk. But hey, sometimes rumors are juicy enough to raise eyebrows.

Upon returning from All-Star weekend, both Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge have claimed that several other stars had expressed interest in joining the Trail Blazers in the near future. Naturally, these said All-Stars chose to remain unnamed, but if this is true then Coach Stott’s formula is clearly working and gaining attention throughout the league. When a team is consistently winning, other players want to be a part of that. Still, the question about who might be interested remains.

Of all the upcoming star free agents, the one who would likely fit the best with Portland would be Carmelo Anthony. His entire career, he has been leaned on to do the majority of the ball handling and scoring for his team, but he has been reported several times that he really feels he is best playing off the ball and working with catch-and-shoot opportunities. He could be the final piece to the puzzle for Portland, as Lillard has proven that he is more than a formidable floor general and has no problem finding the open man on the court. As far as Melo’s time in the Big Apple goes, it seems to be up. They tried to get something going with him and Amare Stoudamire, it just never panned out. Hey, sometimes that’s just how things go. Whether or not Portland can meet Melo’s price demands is a completely different issue in of itself.

Again, this is all just talk and speculation at best. There are no official deals being made, and as far as we know, nobody has approached the Portland front office with any talks about Melo or any other superstar. However, Olshey is always listening, he just might hear something that Rip City would go crazy over, sooner than later.


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