Running The All-Star Break



In only his second year as a pro, PG Damian Lillard continues to exceed expectations on the court.  This time, he has taken things to a new level by volunteering himself to be the first NBA All-Star to compete in all three of the All-Star events.

he can bang from three point land, so it makes sense for him to enter that.  He is one of the best guards in the league, so why not enter the skills challenge?  And unless you’re name is LeBron James, why would you turn down a Slam Dunk Contest invite?  But to do all three on top of playing in the game?  Is this a wise decision by Lillard, to compete in these events only to have a day off before finishing up the rest of the season?  The argument can surely go both ways, but ultimately it is Lillard who knows Lillard best.  We can only be outsiders speculating on what we think his stamina level is, but the fact is he is his best judge.  If he feels he can make this work, then why not?

His willingness to participate in every All-Star event is a true showing of his character, he is leaving no doubt that he loves both the game of basketball as well as the fans.  Let us not forget that he is also leading the Blazers down the road of the playoffs as they currently hold the third best record in the cut-throat western conference.  Everything this young man is doing is great for the game of basketball and he is a model representation of what the NBA stands for.


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