The chant of M-V-P has already rung throughout the Moda Center, and now the rest of the NBA is starting to take notice.  LaMarcus Aldridge has already made it very clear he is a legitimate All-Star and one of, if not the best PF in the league.  Now he is being included in the MVP conversation.


Is this a fair assessment of the season he has had thus far?  Averaging a double-double with 23 points and 10 rebounds per game, coupled with a 47% field goal rating, you be the judge.  He has been the leader of this Blazers organization for years, but now he has emerged as one of the greats in the NBA.  You have to believe that all of the rumors of him demanding a trade have been put to rest, and with good reason.  Portland has the second best record in the NBA, trailing only to the Indiana Pacers, who they handled with ease in their earlier matchup this season.  The likelihood that Aldridge is awarded the MVP award is unknown, Lebron and Paul George are both the favorites in the discussion.  But you can’t count the Blazers captain out.


Regardless of if he receives the award or not, the fact that LaMarcus is included in the MVP debate must be a huge ego boost not only for him, but the rest of the team. To know that you are playing along side one of the best players in the NBA fills you with confidence, and forces you to want to play harder with him.  Expect these Blazers to thrive with the L-train paving the way.


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